Rivers of Love Animal Rescue
Offering Animals the Second Chance They Deserve

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Rivers of Love Animal Rescue  is a local non-profit rescue in Baldwin County, Alabama. Rivers of Love is only successful because of its wonderful volunteers, foster families, adopting families and donors who continuously work to show their support of animal rescue. Unfortunately there is an endless amount of pets that need our help, and as we continue to grow we will need more and more volunteers, fosters and donors to join our team. If you are interested in being a part of something GREAT, please contact Rivers of Love to find out how you can help! Also while you’re here, check out the adoptable dogs and cats, and take a look at all of our “Happy Tails” adopted pets. Adopt or foster a furry friend! Donate or Volunteer! Spay and Neuter your pet...ask us how!

How We Began
Rivers of Love became an official animal rescue in May of 2011, and was started by Shana Stradley. The organization is named after Stradley’s dog, Rivers. Rivers was intentionally struck by a vehicle on December 28, 2009. Due to her extremely severe injuries, she had to be put to sleep that evening. A few days after her death, it came to light that the driver who killed Rivers stated that he didn’t like the type of breed she was; therefore it was okay with him that she was dead. It was in that moment when Shana realized the significant need for animal advocacy. So, as a result of Rivers’ untimely death, a dream to open a rescue began. That rescue would be called, “Rivers of Love” because of all the love that Rivers shared. And just as a river transports, Rivers of Love transports pets to safety, while receiving all the love they could ever imagine. 

Why We Devote Ourselves to Pets                          Rivers
We believe that animals are at the mercy of humans, and it is our responsibility to show them kindness. Animals are not merely property. They are living, breathing creatures that can feel pain, both physically and emotionally. If you’ve ever had a family pet, then you know this to be true. Unfortunately, too many have been dealt a bad hand, being a victim of abuse, neglect or simply over-bred and dumped out because they were no longer useful to the breeder. It’s our goal to find a GREAT home for each of the pets in our care. Where we cannot take every animal that comes our way, we make every effort to help as many as we can. That is why we need more foster families – to help save more lives!!

Contact us at rolanimalrescue@gmail.com